A number of businesses, training and clubs are based at the Devonport Airport…


QANTAS has been serving the Australian community for more than 100 years. QANTAS flights QF400 and above servicing between Tullamarine and Devonport.

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Rex Airlines

Rex Airlines returned to Devonport Airport in August 2022, providing daily services between Melbourne and Devonport.

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TasFast has a 19-seat aircraft that can be configured for dedicated freight or fitted with seats to conduct charter operations. TasFast operates from a dedicated facility at Devonport Airport.

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Southern Airlines

Southern Airlines is an Australian owned and operated charter plane company, specialising in both passenger and freight operations.

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PawMobile provides transport solutions for people who love their pets, providing the aircraft, crew and travel crates for your pets.

To find out more on Facebook, or to book a flight visit pawmobile.com.au


SkyFlyte Aviation has been delivering high quality flight training in Tasmania for over 35 years.

Bookings and enquiries can be made via the website or call 0427 113 207.

Devonport Aero Club

The Devonport Aero Club is based at Devonport Airport and is made up of enthusiastic general and recreational aviation pilots.

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